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Learning piano can be a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. At Shepherd Piano Studio, students are inspired to pursue excellence in every aspect of their playing. Instructions are uniquely designed for individual students according to different learning styles and interests. It is hoped that the skills students learn in piano will influence them in positive ways and transfer to many other aspects of their lives.

Dr. Eliza Tsai-Lin with 17 years of teaching experience holds degrees in Piano Performance and Pedagogy, and believes that everybody can have fun while learning to play the piano. Research shows that piano lessons have many valuable and positive influences on children, which include helping them:

  • Increase body coordination,
  • Stay focused,
  • Raise self-esteem,
  • Increase social participation,
  • Develop more neural connections in the brain,
  • Improve language skills, and so on...

Dr. Eliza Tsai-Lin is currently accepting new students. Please feel free to contact her for more information.